Dave Baucom

About Dave Baucom

Based in Washington, DC, David F. Baucom has worked for more than three decades as a member and rear admiral (RADM) of the United States Navy. Laying the foundation for his future accomplishments, he earned a bachelor of science in industrial management from Auburn University. After graduating, David F. Baucom received a commission from the Navy and has since held positions on a number of ships, including the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In addition to serving on deployments to Kuwait and the Mediterranean, he was a White House military aid during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

In 2003, David Baucom assumed the role of director for logistics transformation with the NATO Allied Command Transformation. Over the course of three years, he spearheaded efforts to revitalize a wide range of systems, including supply chain management, medical, and transportation. As chair of the NATO Asset Tracking Working Group, Mr. Baucom helped create the Radio Frequency Identification-based tracking system far ahead of the scheduled delivery date.

RADM David Baucom later leveraged his experience in logistics to head readiness operations for the US Fleet Forces Command and serve as deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for acquisition and logistics management. Since 2015, Mr. Baucom has served as director of logistics strategy at the Pentagon, where he maintains responsibilities as a rear admiral while creating a naval plan to increase the agile logistics capabilities of the US Navy.